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Weasel on mossy rocks.JPG


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red squirrel new 2021.JPG
Grey Squirrel 3812.JPG
hare hiding in long grass web.JPG
Brown hare listening for danger.JPG
stag deer in highlands.JPG
stag in the mist 2021.JPG
Stag in long grass.JPG
Fallow Deer running.JPG
Lynx looking back.JPG
Lynx on tree.JPG
Wolf .JPG
Web water shrew.JPG
Water Vole feeding on log.JPG
wood mouse collecting hips.JPG
sewer rats in pipes.JPG
common shrew on log.JPG
European brown Rat in barn.JPG
rat by spilt corn.JPG
Water shrew on stone.JPG
harvest mouse in winter.JPG
Three House Mice.JPG
Black-faced in snow storm .JPG
Highland Cattle reflection.JPG
Mouse on old shoe.JPG
black-faced Rams in snow storm.JPG
artic fox.JPG
moose with calf at water hole.JPG
House mice on rusty crane hook.JPG
Black faced sheep.JPG
fox with short tailed vole in grass.JPG
Horses near river.JPG
rat in sewer original.JPG
Harvest mouse corn stalks.JPG
Brown Rat feeding.JPG
Sheep in snow drift.JPG
fox sitting in grass for card.JPG
wild cat.JPG
brown bears.JPG
brown bear.JPG
Brown Bear Drinking.JPG
European Brown bear on mountian ridge.JP
Polar bears fighting.JPG
adult seal.JPG
baby seal.JPG
Mountain Goat .JPG
Mountain Goat in wildflower meadow .JPG
ibex in mountians.JPG
ibex in the mountains.JPG
Young Roe deer.JPG
Red Stag Grazing.JPG
Common Shrew 2021.JPG
hedgehog clos up.JPG
hedgehog in long grass.JPG
Water Shrew.JPG
 Japanese macaque.JPG
Rabbit in long grass.JPG
tiger in snow .JPG
Tiger in deep snow drift.JPG
Back view of fox.JPG
Fox with tongue out.JPG
wood mouse on green branch.JPG
Harvest mouse on red hot poker.JPG
watervole feeding.JPG
Young Squirrel feeding 2021.JPG
Two doe Fallow Deer 2021.JPG
Rabbit in long grass 0839.JPG
Red Squirrel eating 4.JPG
Young Rabbit 2022.JPG
European Brown Hare resting in long grass Port Patrick 0659.JPG
Brown Hare listening for danger in long grass.JPG
Hare Two.JPG
European Rat on canal lockgate.JPG
Common Shrew 3.JPG
Roe deer The roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) feeding in field.JPG
Rabbit in Wild flowers.JPG
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