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      "Scratch" scale model, wooden fighter planes.

All built from scrap materials like plastic pop bottles, cellophane trays, coat hangers and wood. Aircraft insignia created in Photoshop and printed on sticky backed paper.

Hurrican in flight.JPG

Hawker Hurricane

British WWII Fighter 

This 38" wingspan model was constructed from plans found on the web.

The plane was famous for its role in the "Battle of Britain"

Spitfire best 9.JPG

Submarine Spitfire

British WWII Fighter

 39" wingspan model.

The Spitfire was the most famous fighter of the second world war.

This was the last model I built and took me four weeks.

Spitfire balsawood propellor.JPG
Hurricane ensignia transfers.JPG
Spitfire undercarriag detail.JPG
Stuka 49.JPG

Stuka Dive-Bomber

The Stuka was a German fighter/bomber

that was noted for its dive bombing .

It was the first model I built with a 39" wingspan. It took six weeks to build.

Model Stuka assembley skeleton.JPG
Stuka parts.JPG
Bloody red Baron.JPG

The Bloody Red Baron

German WW1 fighter

Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen, 

the "Bloody Red Baron" flew this

German First World War Bi-plane.

It was based on an Albatross fighter.

it took me five weeks to build.

Lockheed Starfighter .JPG

Lockheed Starfighter

This 40" wingspan model of the Starfighter was painted in camouflage colours and took me two weeks to build

from plans produced from illustrations

found on the web.

Albatross WW1 Fightewr plane assembly.JP
Layout 1.JPG

Wildlife Lectures


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"Every Picture Tells a Story - Part 1 and 2"
"Hide and Seek - Part 1 and 2"
"Lockdown - Part 1 and 2"

Each Part is 1 hour long but for larger clubs can be a 2 hour presentation.